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3-Day Signature Blended Training Workshop

Financial Planning for HNWI & Business Owners

From targeted lead generation to securing your professional & business owner clients for life, this workshop is a complete, practical and experiential training course conducted in a blended learning environment and specially designed to help financial advisers overcome the biggest headache of “quality lead generation” and equip them with the knowledge, skills and techniques to engage and secure a largely neglected segment of the advisory market – the professional & business market – that offers huge potential for quality business.  See more…
New MAS Funding Up To 31 Dec 2020 Up To 31 Dec 2021
IBF-FTS Funding 90% 90%
Additional IBF Cedit 5% Nil
Training Allowance Grant(TAG) for FI-Sponsored Participants $15 per training hour Nil
Note: Participants & FIs only need to pay the NET AMT of 5% or 10%!

Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit Funding for NET AMT.
Good News!
New & Enhanced MAS schemes to support financial sector workforce!


John Bang

“TG Tay’s Financial Planning for HNWI & Business Owners workshop is par excellence!”

Goh Ming Shan
Tokio Marine

“The best workshop I’ve attended on estate planning and financial planning for business owners”

Angeline Chua
Great Eastern Life

“A course that can help you close million dollars policies.”

Joshua Kartono Kang

“This workshop is the best ever workshop that I ever attended.

Peggy Lee

“This is the best and most relevant Business & Estate Financial Planning course I have ever attended. Many thanks, TG! “

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