Financial Planning For HNWI & Business Owners


Financial Planning for the High NetWorth Individuals (HNWI) and Business Owners Training cum Coaching Course is a practical and experiential training course specially designed to equip financial advisers with the knowledge, skills and techniques to tap into a largely neglected segment of the advisory market – the business market – that offers huge potential for quality business.

​​​​​​​This course is also unique for its coaching content to empower participants to apply what they have learnt with follow-through targeted seminars, personal consultation and coaching clinics.


  • To enable financial advisers to make the client connection and to acquire, secure and keep their clients for life
  • To equip financial advisers with the foundational knowledge and the necessary skills to break into and understand how to handle the HNWI & business market
  • To empower financial advisers to use the estate planning & cash-flow planning approach to provide value-added wealth and financial advisory services for HNWI and Business Owners
  • To help financial advisers to build their personal branding & authority as the “go-to Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch Distinctive, Trusted Adviser” in a disrupted digital world

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to identify potential clients in this niche market with a view to building life-long relationships
  • Acquire the necessary fact-finding skills to collate financial and non-financial information to perform a more comprehensive client needs analysis
  • Learn how to use the estate planning approach to provide a more comprehensive financial planning service for their clients
  • Learn the different types of financing structures and its collaterals and the risks and liabilities for business owners
  • Learn why cash-flow is king and how life insurance can play a unique role in providing solutions for business risk management and succession planning
  • Learn how to prepare, write and deliver recommendations and reports
  • Learn how to build their digital assets for personal branding & authority in a digitally transformed world

Course Outline

“Thank you for an excellent workshop. Appreciate the depth of your experience and your willingness to share your knowledge of useful and modern digital tools.”

Lata Shamdasani

Executive Financial Consultant, Prudential (3-Day Virtual Trg)

“This workshop has one of the best approach & opening to the business market.
TG Tay is one of the most sincere and experience-rich mentor I have ever listened to!”

Mr Ho Law Wei

Financial adviser, Tokio Marine

I just attended TG’s signature 3-Day workshop on “Financial Planning for HNWI & Biz Owners” from 2-4th Dec 2019. This workshop has helped me to (a) see from the perspectives of business owners and understand what keeps them awake at night (b) appreciate the importance in speaking in their (business owners & HNWI) language to engage them (c) have greater clarity on some of the statutes, laws and concepts which fuels my conviction in the work I do for my clients. TG executed a good balance between the technical knowledge, mindset and heart-ware needed to dive into this daunting aspect of marrying financial and estate planning.

Ms Regina Ong

Executive Financial Consultant, Prudential

“1) Course is very enriching and content is very useful! Definitely applicable to all kinds of advisors be it new in the business or veterans. TG’s knowledge is from his life account which you wouldn’t be able to ‘Google’ it off the net. 2) Workshop is well paced and role plays really helped with the delivery. 3) TG’s knowledge is accumulated from his life experience and is very applicable in our industry. He is very willing to share and not afraid to help us. Really appreciative and awesome! 4) This workshop really concurs with what I set out to do when I join this industry, total/holistic financial planning. It is an eye opener and I believe if you do it right, it will definitely help your client.”

Mr Derek Lim

Manulife Financial Advisers

“TG specializes in one narrow segment of financial services and he does it very well. His signature 3-day workshop for advising on business owners on financial planning is a must-attend for any consultant aspiring to move up to that space, where I consider TG an authority.”

Mr Tan Siak Lim

Director, Financial Advisory Group, Financial Alliance

“A course that can help you close million dollars policies. Trainer Mr TG Tay has simple and resourceful presentation slide.This is the best and most relevant Business & Estate Financial Planning course that truly help us gain breakthrough and excel in our practice. “Thanks TG” 

Ms Angeline Chua Hong Huay

Executive Entre-Planner, Great Eastern Life

“Very concise and thorough in presentation of concepts and ideas that will definitely bring the advisers to a breakthrough level in prospecting and closing the HNWI & business owners market. Highly impressed with the high quality of engagement throughout the 3 day- course. Worth every single dollar of my investment!”

Ms Cynthia Toh

Senior Executive Life Planner, Great Eastern Life

“Good investment of my 3 days. Better than MDRT Experience. Trainer is well prepared, a lot of thinking through and putting all his experiences together – sincere and down-to-earth. Very good. Total approach and the deliberate process of building up the case. Very professional.” 

The late Ms Yona Foo

Manager, Private Financial Services,Manulife Financial

“A mandate course for all committed financial planning practitioners who desire to break the glass ceiling of their practice. Technical but easy to understand, skillful but so applicable, resourceful for our practical knowledge, a genuinely-designed course content delivered via a first class multimedia presentation which I was not at all bored nor confused throughout the 3 days. I can see that the Trainer Mr TG Tay has put in much effort in preparing his course content to help us understand ourselves, gain breakthrough and excel in our practice. This is the best and most relevant Business & Estate Financial Planning course I have ever attended. Many thanks, TG! “ 

Peggy Lee


For full course coverage and other course-related information, please download our course information sheet.​​​​​​​