3-Day Blended Training Workshop on “Financial Planning for HNWI & Business Owners”

FAQs on Blended Learning – Virtual cum E-Learning plus Physical Classroom

In view of the current Covid-19 environment and the Government’s move towards Blended Learning, we will be conducting our workshops from full face-to-face delivery mode to blended learning mode (combination of virtual classroom cum e-learning plus face-face delivery mode). Please see the FAQ below to learn more about virtual cum e-learning:

“Virtual Learning” mode of delivery simply means that the training is delivered online i.e. wherever you are, you can log-in online to attend the training at a fixed designated time schedule. The classroom is virtual and you will still need to set aside the same time to attend the workshops as though you are in a “physical classroom”.

The key difference is that instead of sitting down in a physical classroom, you are learning from the comfort of your home or office (anywhere) so long as you can tune in online to receive the lessons via your mobile, tablets or laptops.

In virtual learning, modern technology like the Zoom software enables the trainer to conduct his training online in real time to the participants with virtual classroom teaching aids like screen share for powerpoint slides & videos, whiteboard to write on slides (annotate) and even break-out rooms for sharing, discussions & virtual role-plays. The engagement can be just as effective and the biggest trade-off is the travelling time saved.

Virtual learning as discussed in Q2 above is real time learning conducted by a trainer over the air. Elearning on the other hand, is basically self-directed, whereby you log into FLC learning management system(LMS) and learn at your own time and pace.

For FLC 3-Day blended learning workshop, we will be using a combination of virtual cum e-learning to give participants the best learning experience. The bulk of the e-learning content will be pre-recorded “live” videos with follow-up quizzes and a “Participants’ Forum Platform” for discussions, Q & A etc. Participants would still need to set aside the 3 Days as though they are attending a physical class. The biggest advantage is that participants with differen competency levels can go through the e-learning sessions at their own pace, collaborate and engage fellow participants through the “Forum Platform” and still complete the various sessions on time each day. For Day 3, more time will be allocated to the virtual learning mode for case studies, role-plays & Q & A.

Where conditions permit (after the relaxation of the circuit breaker), Day 3 will be a physical class to allow for maximum engagement and interactions among the participants.

Rest assured that we are here to ensure your success.
1) First, you will continue to have access to our FLC LMS online to reinforce your learning for 14 days and can be extended upon request;
2) We will be conducting a monthly coaching clinic webinar as a follow-up for workshop members to ask questions, share their experiences on the ground etc;
3) We will also have a private chat group for participants to continue to ask questions that they may encounter in the field;
4) One-on-one coaching services with client’s meetings will also be made available subject to mutually agreed terms;
5) A membership platform for participants to learn about different aspects of digital marketing;
6) On-going training tutorials & webinars on digital tools & software automations to help participants build their digital presence and branding.

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents(PRs) who are physically based in Singapore and Company-sponsored individuals are eligible for the enhanced course fee subsidies of 90% and IBF Credit of 5%. (Note that the IBF Credit of 5% is up to 31 Dec 2020 only)’ All participants or their sponsoring companies need only to pay the net amount of 5% of the course fee. their digital presence and branding.

For company-sponsored individuals, all IBF recognised courses under the IBF Financial Training Scheme (“FTS”) will be eligible for the Training Allowance Grant Training Allowance Grant up to 31 Dec 2020. The TAG will be accorded to eligible participants who successfully complete the course at the rate of $15 per training & assessment hour and paid to the sponsoring Companies.

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