Financial Freedom @ Work Program For Workplace


The struggle to strike a healthy balance between family life and work is a perennial problem that plagues modern-day societies. The common belief is that you either have a balanced family life at home or you are highly productive at work but you cannot have both. The truth of the matter however is that it is possible to create that ideal work-life balance when we put in place an often overlooked missing piece of the jig-saw puzzle of LIFE – Money Matters!

Money matters, family matters, work matters,– how can we juggle and work out that dynamic balance so that LIFE matters! The Financial Freedom @ Work Program is specially designed to provide the practical keys and handles to help every worker to connect his MONEY to his LIFE. This interactive 2-day workshop will enlighten, envision, equip and empower every worker with the right financial foundations to create a dynamic life balance between work, family and money.


The Financial Freedom @ Work Program seeks to:

  • Adopt a People-Centered and not Product-Centered approach to financial planning
  • Integrate Financial Planning with Life Planning to create a healthy work-life balance

Build the right foundations:

  • To plan your Life, not just your Finances
  • To manage your Life, not just your Money
  • To use your Money to make a Life, not just your Life to make Money
  • To walk in Financial Freedom & Abundance

1. Missing Link in Financial Planning Process​​​​​​​

  • Why is commonsense not so common when it comes to money management?
  • Have we been focusing on the symptoms without tackling the root of the problem?
  • Understand the underlying emotional motivators of your money attitudes and habits may be the key to your financial breakthrough
  • Financial Life Planning – Connecting Your MONEY with Your LIFE

2. The 4 E’s to walking in Financial Freedom & Abundance

This practical hands-on session will empower you to:​​​​​​​
  • Crystallize your life goals and financial goals
  • Put in place a well-co-ordinated personal financial and estate plan to achieve your goals