• Financial Planning For Business
  • Legacy Planning
  • The Costs of not planning your estate
  • Money Habitudes – Your key to financial success
  • Till Debt do us part – Avoiding the debt trap
  • Business Succession Planning

TG Tay is a dynamic & down-to-earth Conference Speaker & Trainer cum Coach & have been regularly interviewed over TV & radio programs, newspapers & magazines on the subject of managing yr money.

He is currently engaged by The Association of Banks in conjunction with the Government MAS MoneySENSE program to provide financial education to companies, government bodies & students in institutions of higher learning.

TG Tay also conducts regular Financial Planning workshops & seminars for community groups & churches. He is also the co-author & author of 2 multimedia training CDs on “Financial Planning Uncommonsense” & “Financial Freedom – 7 Keys to Walking in Victory”. TG Tay has a miracle story to share in “Getting out of Debt” after personally overcoming a very serious financial crisis in 1985 when he lost US$260,000 (S$350,000) through speculation in the stock market.